10 Steps to Self-Care


Self-care is translated and interpreted in many ways. Some see self-care as doing things for oneself on a daily basis, some see it as a treat and it may be something as simple as taking a bath to decluttering your closet. Here are some things I like to do to treat myself every chance I get. I hope they help! What are some of your Self-Care essentials?

1. Bathe - seems like such a simple concept but yet so difficult for us to make time for. It somehow seems like “work” to fill up a bath tub but all we’re doing is just laying in there and doing absolutely nothing. If we can just dedicate 1 night a week, it can do so much for our body and soul! Otherwise, my showers last no more than 5 minutes on the daily! Add some Epsom salts or oils to help relax your muscles.

2. Skincare - this is something I make time for every evening! It only takes 5-10 minutes and I really feel as though I’m doing something for myself (besides the obvious). Figure out a process and make it a habit if you can; do it daily, weekly or whatever you prefer to help you get in a routine.

3. Spend time alone - Don’t be afraid to be alone, your mind will keep you busy. It’s very rare I have alone time because of work, family, friends and a toddler keeping me busy. I’m not the mom who ever asks or feels the need for “me” time, but every so often when she’s in school, I’ll go shopping alone, or sit at a coffee shop or just come home and work from home and so on. We all need a little alone-ness for our mental health.

4. Indulge - My biggest enjoyment when it comes to indulging is wine; obviously not so much lately since my pregnancy; but I like to enjoy a glass of wine every so often in the evenings. Wine helps me unwind and disconnect. What do you enjoy the most? Indulge as often as you can allow yourself without feeling guilty. We deserve it!

5. Spiritual Health - this can be anything from reading to yoga to meditating. I have to say this is probably the most important of all. We all need to work on our spiritual health on the regular in order to keep our mind healthy and positive. I personally love reading self-help books and listening to podcasts.

6. Walk - When I say walk, I mean walk to no where. Usually, when waljjngX we have a destination. With that said, normally racing, pacing and having to get somewhere by a certain amount of time. Go outside and walk around your block, several blocks if you can - and just really enjoy the process, the air, the experience and just collect your thoughts. Your mind and body will thank you.

7. Vitamins - I debated weather “eating healthy” should be this sub-category but that’s a whole blog post and commitment of its own. If eating healthy/healthier is something you always have on your mind, make a schedule and start somewhere: breakfast/lunch or dinner. For me, I do my best on all times of the day but as you know I love to indulge in sweets. However, I try to get all my vitamins in in a day and if I haven’t, my vitamins are an essential part of my diet.

8. Bake/Cook - I know this seems like more of a chore; but I’m sure there’s something you’ve been wanting to make or experience. Enjoy the process and not on a day when you have guests coming over. Cake/bake something just because and enjoy it yourself or with your significant other! Being in the kitchen is really therapeutic, I promise!

9. Music - This is thee most easiest, effortless and probably most therapeutic! I love having music on in my house when I’m cooking, hanging out with my little girl, working or just applying makeup. Music will set the tone and put you in a good mood. Of course, find music that’s uplifting!

10. Stretch - I didn’t realize how important stretching was until I got pregnant and realized how limited I am. After months of not stretching (I just didn’t think about it; I just stopped doing yoga) - my body now feels the need to stretch at least a good 5 minutes every morning! It’s good for your body and it adds a little gap between jumping out of bed and brushing your teeth. It slows down your morning just a tad bit and helps you start a calmer morning.