Hair Botox. It’s a Thing!


I know what you’re thinking…I was thinking the same thing when I first heard of it. What in the world is hair Botox! Is it actual Botox? What does it do for your hair? I wondered, inquired, tried it & now I’m obsessed.

I have naturally coarse, thick and frizzy hair. I’ve always struggled with my hair because I couldn’t “wash and go”. Every wash required a 30 minute blow-out session; time I never had, especially with 2 kids. Two months ago I put on extensions for the first time (a post for another day). If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram, let me tell you - I’m feelin’ it! Only problem was, my extensions were beautiful and silky and my natural hair was…well, not. So every wash with extensions, needed a full on blowout! Here I was, trying to make things easier.

I recently hired a new hair stylist at Lilits Makeup Studio and her name is Narine. She came from Armenia only a few years ago and has learned all the secrets and tools of the trade from Europe. She educated me about the latest treatment she offers her clients, Hair Botox! It is exactly what it says, irons out your hair wrinkles, to put it bluntly! It not only smoothes away frizz but repairs, treats and heals your hair. So before I replaced my extensions, I did the hair Botox and let’s just say, I have my life back! I am able to wash and go with zero effort in my hair (besides brushing). My natural hair is smoother, silkier and so manageable!

Depending on the damage of your hair, you may need to do this treatment several times in order to “heal” your hair. I 100% recommend this treatment for anyone with frizzy, damaged, thick or coarse hair - you will not regret it!

You can find some of Narine’s “Before and After” looks on her Instagram or contact her for more information at 818-423-6745.

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