Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind.


This was part of my blog posts earlier this year. Decluttering your life one closet, car, pantry, and makeup drawer at a time. I’ve been on this “cleanse” for a month now and it feels so good! I still have a few more spaces to go through, but the progress has been calming and uplifting, all at the same time.

I started with my closet. I take out a couple bags every few months, keep only what I’m currently wearing and give away everything else I haven’t worn or won’t anymore. I don’t throw anything in the trash by the way; I give it away to family, friends and those in need in Armenia. I later moved on to my shoe closet and emptied that out, then my kitchen pantry (which is way too small and inconvenient for anyone), then to Kats drawers and all the clothes she can’t fit in anymore, her toys, husbands closet, bathroom cabinets, and any other drawer/closet I found in my house

I later moved onto my Elcie office and emptied out 3 boxes of Makeup I’ve been sent; which I took to the girls at my studio to be able to use on their clients. While I was organizing them at the studio, I emptied out THOSE Makeup drawers and refreshed them, cleaned out the receptionist drawers, color room cabinets and the entire kitchen! Oh and not to forget, cleansing out my phone: I uploaded and backed up 15k photos and deleted them off my phone. When I tell you I’ve been on a cleanse...I’ve been on a cleanse!

In other’s been a tiring and busy few weeks lol. Not only cleansing is good because you declutter and have a sense of calmness and organization around but I’ve found it to be very therapeutic. When I’m decluttering physical things out of my life, I simultaneously declutter my mind; I think of all the junk in my head and I toss it away with the physical junk I don’t need anymore. When I’m organizing physical things, I’m simultaneously organizing my thoughts and getting everything in order; I file away what I don’t currently need and bring up to surface the things that I really want and need and those that matter - the keepers!

We are constantly filling our minds with garbage throughout the day. Whether it’s something we saw on tv, social media, heard through a friend, or just things we create in our minds...although only natural, it clouds it from all the things we SHOULD be thinking about and filling our minds with. Most of you already know I enjoy a good read every so often. I read at least a few chapters of an inspiring, motivational or uplifting book each night before I sleep. Reading being the last thing I do before I go to bed...I go to sleep with only positive thoughts in my mind and wake up with a fresh mood and attitude. I used to scroll through my phone every night before I slept and I believe that’s one of the worst things you can do. In fact, I wake up now and have a cup of coffee and enjoy my morning with Kat before I even look at my phone. It’s seriously been such a life changing start and finish to my every day and highly, HIGHLY recommend it.

What do you do to declutter your life & thoughts? Any rituals you have? Would love to hear your thoughts.