First Family Trip: Maui

David and I left town 5 times in 6 months early last year. I had to go to NY for work back in January, Italy in March (work trip we turned into a vacation and David’s FIRST Euro trip ever), Chicago also for work, New York once again and Vegas for a short little getaway. As exciting it is to travel, each time we left, my heart broke a little more. I really don’t know how parents who always have to travel for work do it. Once your child starts noticing you’re gone and misses you, it’s the worst. The last time I went to NY in June, it was only 4 days, but I cried when I left her at my moms; especially when I heard her screaming “mommmyy!” out of her crib. I thought that’s it, were coming back and taking her somewhere with us. Considering it was my Birthday, our Wedding Anniversary and a long weekend, it was perfect timing to plan a little trip with our Kitty Kat.


Although I was hesitant & scared, my husband more than me! He was set on a hard “no” until I convinced him (so did everyone else who had traveled with a Toddler) and now we’re both convinced that this trip was by far the best decision we’ve ever made! Many things go through your mind, from the fear of the flight, to her possibly screaming on the plane, to making sure she doesn’t sunburn after being in the sun for 5 days and being super cautious in the ocean. I mean, EVERYTHING crosses your mind; but I also know that that fear for your child will never go away no matter how old they are. In order to overcome your fear, build experiences, make memories and show your child a good time, you have to take the first step!

Listen, there were moments in the plane when she screamed (for no reason at all), I layered sunblock after sunblock like a psycho, if I blinked - she’d be charging towards the water and so on. But I also realized it’s NOTHING different when we’re back at home in LA. She screams in public (restaurants, malls, etc,), I never blink when we’re out and really just always try to be the utmost attentive and cautious Mom. So why do we build this doubt and distrust for ourselves and are afraid to be free and live? It’s us, it’s in our heads and we do it to ourselves. Yes, having children is a scary thing that requires a lot of responsibility, but THAT, you should be confident in; if not, then maybe you need some more time - and that’s ok!


But when ready...get ready for one of the most special times of your life. Seeing Kat so happy this entire trip just melted my heart. Was it harder to trip with her than if we were just to go as adults? Of course. Was it worth taking her on this "relaxing" getaway? Absolutely. She may not remember it a year from now, but she’ll have these photos and memories 20 years from now and that’s just priceless. I mean, the kid went on a hike through the jungle and went through a river to a beautiful waterfall! I can’t wait to tell her these stories and show her the photos years from now. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on traveling with a toddler, how was your experience and what did you learn from it?