Home-Made Cough Syrup That Actually Works


My baby girl Kat was sick for about 2 days with a subtle fever and a really bad cough. We made a visit to a local nail salon (OhLaLa, Studio City) to change her mood and get some fresh air; although she was happy and in a good mood, her cough was still really bad. The owner was sweet enough to share this sweet home-made cough syrup recipe. Kat went from coughing the entire night to coughing once, maybe twice, a day; her cough is almost all gone! It's super easy to make and most importantly, natural!

All you need: Honey & Onions
Directions: Chop up some onions (big or small), pour about 2 tablespoons of honey over it, close it and let it sit for about 3 hours. The onions will release some water and in turn, water down the honey. I use a medicine syringe to give it to Kat, but you can just use a teaspoon.