5 Everyday Essentials in my Bag

I get asked about my go-to daily products in bag all the time! I try to keep my makeup bag as minimal as possible because I don’t want to haul it around all day. Today, I’m going to share with you all the essential items I carry with me on a daily basis!

Here’s what’s in my everyday bag:


1. Lip Balm
I always have dry lips! It could be that I’m constantly putting on liquid lipsticks, could be the lack of water, the weather or my constantly licking my lips. In any case, it’s a struggle. My current favorite lip balm is the Smoothness Lip Care from Nivea - it heals and soothes my lips and not just temporarily! Not only is it enriched with Shea Butter but it also has SPF 15 to protect your lips from any harmful sun rays.

2. Deodorant
Always be prepared ladies! I don’t have sweating issues at all but it’s always good to be prepared for any situation you might get into which is why I always carry deodorant around with me. My go-to deodorant for years now had been the Dove. These days, I prefer something more natural, like the Coconut Deodorant from Kopari. It contains coconut oil, coconut water, and sage oil to sooth the under arms and holds all day.

3. Makeup Sponge
Whatever sponge I’ve used to apply and set my makeup that day, comes with me in a little satchel. I like to keep it in a little nylon baggie to not only let it breathe, but also keeps in sanitary. If I get shiny throughout the day, I just take out the sponge and use the powdery side to blot my makeup without ruining it. It’s all you need! Of course, my go to is the Elcie Cosmetics Velvet Sponge. :)

4. Hand Cream
Regardless of the weather, I suffer with extremely dry hands. It may be the years of working with clients and washing my hands every hour of the day or having a child and constantly washing her hands or mine. In any case, lotion is an essential. My hands have aged due to dryness throughout the years and it’s an actual problem. My absolute favorite one has to be the Shea Butter hand cream from L’Occitane. It contains honey, almond extract, coconut oil and shea butter to help leave your hands soft and smooth all day.

5. Bar
Now that I am pregnant, I get really nauseous when I don’t eat. I always like to keep a little snack or a bar in my bag for times when I am on the road. This helps me get a little food in my system while being healthy and holding my hunger for a good amount of time. My favorite bar is the KIND bars. They have a bunch of different flavors you can pick and choose from but my personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor.