5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning


I’ve been on the lemon-water kick for almost 5 months now. Although some of you have been following this routine of mine, most of you have no idea why. Below is a list of simple reasons why you should be drinking lemon water every morning. When I say simple, I mean non-technical, non-medical, non-scientific explanations; but if you read up on it, there is many of those too! I drink it with room temperature filtered water but its known to drink it best with warm or even hot water. Don’t do it with cold water as its too shocking for your system early in the morning. Here are just a few reasons I do it:

  • Simple healthy way to start your day - Sleeping 8 hours (or less if you have an infant), your body has been dormant for a long time; the last thing you want to wake your body up with is coffee/caffeine! Lemon-water jump starts your stomach and boosts your system back up.

  • Sets the tone of your day - I used to wake up and drink coffee first thing in the morning and the rest of my day was shot to sh*t. Once I take down the glass of lemon-water, I don’t even crave coffee anymore - feels disgusting. In fact, when I drink coffee, I want a muffin along with it. When I drink lemon-water, I want some eggs & avocado to follow, you follow?

  • Helps cleanse & boost your digestive system. It also helps prevent digestive issues such as bloating (guilty), intestinal gas, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation - it balances your body.

  • I have been getting a LOT of compliments on my skin and I can see it myself. My skin has been looking fresher brighter, just overall - less dull. As you know, I am an avid skincare user, but I have always been this way. Since lemon water, I have been getting a lot more compliments. It could also be because my water in-take is more and the morning cup helps!

  • Great source of Vitamin C! Everyone & I mean everyone, needs vitamin C. Not just for glowing skin (guilty) but helps with immune support, energy and its a great antiseptic.

How much lemon vs. ounces of water is not so important; just do what you can! I cut a lemon in half and squeeze half the lemon in an 8oz. glass (don’t drink the seeds, they’re not good for you). You can also use a lemon squeezer; but who has time for that in the mornings?! Maybe you can juice several lemons and use it for a few days; only problem with that is freshly cut/squeezed veggies have the most amount of nutrients and may subside after a few days. In any case, find a system that works for you and make it happen! Simplest start to your Health Kick!. Bottoms up!