The Hair Wash Game Changer


This Aquis water defense prewash was one of many goodies I got at Create & Cultivate NY. This was in my goodie bag and to be quite honest, this is one of those products I’d never personally think to buy, if I saw it. I tried it out a few days ago thinking, “eh, let’s give it a shot” - boy was I surprised.

You spray this on dry hair before you wash it. It makes your hair very wet and almost conditioned-like. I jumped in the shower and started washing my hair and immediately felt what this product is supposed to do. Now, to even explain it, is somewhat difficult; but basically, my hair felt super soft when washing it, I just felt like I had the healthiest hair. Normally when I wash my dry hair, it feels dry all the way through the shampoo process until I finally put conditioner on. With this prewash, you’re basically preventing your dry hair from breaking in the water.

So I learned water swells up our hair about 40%, that’s why it feels so much thicker in the shower; which damages your hair. The Aquis prewash protects your hair and keeps the Ph balance, along with eliminating frizz. I mean, there is a lot do technicalities about it; but just trust me, you NEED it. I can never wash my hair without this now. *adds to cult products*