Becoming a Mom of Two


On March 19, 2019 - I officially became a Mom of Two. Everyone around me was prepping me, “Get Ready!” I was honestly scared and didn’t know what to expect. Is she going to be a good baby like Kat? Is she going to sleep through the night? Is Kat going to be accepting? How do I balance 2 kids under 3? Truth is, don’t stress yourself out for something in advance, before you have to actually stress about it (motto for life)! Not a good vibe.

I went through a very good pregnancy, a great delivery and expected nothing but the absolute best when Olivia was here and so it was - the best. Olivia is an angel of a baby, like her big sister Kat. Both my kids are calm, easy & happy; I have to say, I feel blessed. Not all kids are this way and everyone has a different experience but my biggest advise to anyone expecting a second baby is, DO NOT STRESS OUT. I know this is easier said than done, but I am a big believer in vibes. Your kids will exude what they are fed; be patient, be kind, be loving, be happy and I promise it will have SOME effect & by some, I mean, a lot.


I am currently sitting here writing this blog post with both my kids sitting on my lap. Olivia doesn’t want to lay down and Kat doesn’t want to be left out. But Olivia is super calm in my arms as she sits and Kat just talks a lot lol - neither are a bother. Moral of the story, don’t expect things to be easy, but expect to have some changes in your life. When they’re both asleep at night, then you take the time to take care of yourself. It is all about routine.


Look, I am not here to say, its easy; I am here to say, its an adjustment and we need to be open to that idea and not go into it with a negative attitude (although we love the little rascals to death). I think the hardest part for me was breastfeeding Olivia while Kat was potty training. Olivia would literally be on my breast as Kat would run to the bathroom and needed my help, eek! I am not even going to picture that process for you, haha! Like I said, not easy, but an adjustment! Maybe I will rewrite another blog post a year from now complaining and losing my mind; but as of now, I am a happy mom. Happy Mom, Happy Kids!