Mon Amie, Pari!

Last year, David and I visited Paris together. I had been there twice before but it was Davids first time and quite honestly, the most special visit there, for me. Paris is just so beautiful & romantic, its true what they said, you want to be in love in Paris. But all you single ladies? I’ve gone with my girlfriend before and we had a blast! It’s just different I guess.


Anyway, we had planned to go to Paris first, then take a train to London. The first time David saw the Eiffel Tower, he said, “Can we cancel London?” and so we did. We really got to enjoy Paris and not just rush through site seeing. We stayed at the Peninsula which is an absolute stunning hotel! When we got there, they had flowers, dessert & a Peninsula teddy bear with Kats name engraved on it - I nearly cried! I am a sucker for sentimental gifts, especially when it comes to my kids!


We also had a chance to visit Versailles for a day - what a beautiful place! The museum/castle will take you hours to walk but the garden was magical! We spent hours walking the grounds until we reached a man-made lake with boats you can rent out and ride around. We got some food and hung out on the grass for hours just enjoying the view and people watching; it was serene.


The day before we left, I had this idea of an impromptu photoshoot. I was about 4 months pregnant and thought, what better location for a baby announcement, than Paris? I found a photographer & a balloon company that delivers to the Eiffel Tower, coordinated it for the next day and that was it. We woke up early, right before sunrise and started shooting for our Baby announcement. The pictures came out absolutely beautiful! And this rounded up our trip to Paris, just perfect.