When Walter Makes You a Dress

A few weeks ago I was a Maid of Honor for a good friend of ours. The Wedding was to take place on a nice boat with about 70 people. Now compared to a more typical Armenian Weddings with 400 people, I thought, eh - I’ll find a dress. Week after week passed and I still didn’t look for a dress. Work was so busy and there was so much going on that I truly just did not have time to look for a dress. I really don’t know what I was thinking by procrastinating on it. In fact, I thought, “There are so many pretty dresses out there, for sure I’ll find something”. Umm, WRONG! I went to South Coast Plaza which is one of the largest malls with 3 department stores and nothing!


So a week left for the Wedding and I officially started freaking out. I immediately text Walter and told him I was desperate for a dress and if he has anything in his showroom my size. He said “Come in, we’ll custom make something for you” & that’s when I told him the Wedding was a week away! He said “Just come in, we will make it happen.” Can you imagine my excitement?! I visited him the next day, on Monday and he got my measurements. By Wednesday my dress was ready. We altered a few things on it & the dress was ready to pick up the next day! The final product was complete perfection! How in the world did he custom make a dress that fast? beats me. However, he did also mention he’s made Beyonce’s dress in a day, so…ya! Anyways, he didn’t want me sharing how quickly he made the dress, but I had to lol. I need you to know that Walter is a magician.