Current Nighttime Skin Routine

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I posted my evening skincare routine on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago and I got a lot of questions regarding the products. I test and use a LOT of skincare as many packages are sent to me on the regular and I have the skin that needs the attention. So, with those two aspects combined, I give you my current evening skincare routine. Because I am currently pregnant, I have eliminated all collagen, AHA, BHA, etc. from my current skincare routine, until the babies here. In the meantime, you can catch my full roundup of some of my favorite skincare to date on my youtube

Step 1. Lise Waiter Cleansing Oil

I absolutely love cleansing oils - more than oil based makeup removers where you have to rub a cotton against your eyes, forever! Use one pump of this cleansing oil on dry skin starting with your face and then your eyes and gently massage until you can see/feel all the makeup broken down on your face. Once you feel all the makeup has melted, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Step 2. Lise Watier Cooling Cream Cleanser

After you've washed the oil-based cleanser off, wash your face the second time around with a non-oily cleanser. I've recently been using this Cooling Cleanser and I really like it. I am also a huge fan of the Glow Recipe Blueberry Cleanser as well! 

Step 3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I use this makeup remover with a q-tip to remove any residue around my eyes that the cleansers haven't taken off. Sometimes, eye makeup can be a bit of a struggle to remove, its better to layer for removal instead of rubbing harshly. I love this one and the regular Garnier Micellar Water for all skin types (non-oil based) one as well that you can use all over your face.

Step 4. Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

I recently got this in the mail and I've replaced my Thyer's toner with it. After all your cleansing is done, use a cotton pad and apply all over your face. It's amazing after all that cleansing how you will still find residue left on your skin, especially around your hairline. 

Step 5. Glow Recipe: Sweet Chef Serums

I have fallen in love with Glow Recipe, as a skincare brand. They introduce various types of collaborative skincare in their line. I am personally obsessed with serums and used this one time and already was attached. Makes your skin look like glass! These serums are meant to be used together or alone by making a cocktail of what benefits your skin needs on each day.

Step 6. Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil

I've been using this oil religiously and its one of the few I found that doesn't clog up my skin. Make sure the oil you are using is not too heavy for you - otherwise it will leave little bumps on your skin (regardless of how great it feels). I 100% recommend this one!

Step 7. NeoCutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream

I get his eye cream from my aesthetician and I personally love the consistency. It doesn't leave a greasy residue but also doesn't absorb quickly leaving your under-eyes dry. I use this both day and night and absolutely love the way it looks under makeup - hydrated!

Step 8. L'aneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I got this about a month ago, waiting to check out of a Sephora line and I quickly became obsessed with it. I have dry lips 90% of the time, especially right now with my pregnancy - and this lip mask gives my lips the hydration my lips need overnight. I had heard nothing but great things about this line so I started with the simplest product. I am definitely going to expand...