Nightstand Essentials

It's important to be selective about what you put on your nightstand. Between hand & body creams, books, water, etc., the space around your bed should be peaceful and organized to help promote better sleep. Which items deserve a spot on your bedside? Here are my bare essentials:


Hand Cream

Hand cream is a must! I am prone to dry skin, especially my hands so I always need to have hand cream with me. My favorite ones are from L’occitane Hand Cream (which you have all heard me rave about before) and Youth in Hand Cream from Fountain of Youth.

Facial Oil

Cleansing and prepping in the bathroom before sleep is a process. I make sure I have my face oil by my bedside for my super lazy nights. Having it be right there on my bedside is a super easy reminder and I can lay in bed just massaging it into my skin for a longer period of time. I’ve been using the Murad Vitamin Face Oil and I absolutely love it!

Eye Cream

Just like my face oil, my eye cream is a super important piece on my nightstand. As lazy as I may be with my skincare routine sometimes, keeping up with your simple skincare items will help put you in routine. I’ve been using the Neocutis Bio Restorative Eye Cream my esthetician gave me and I absolutely love it. It’s rich, but not thick, hydrates; while combating dark circles, puffy eyes & fine lines.

Cuticle Oil

I love keeping my nails clean and healthy. I haven’t been getting my nails done since pregnancy and I occasionally go for a clean manicure but I do self-treat at home, especially with this weather. My favorite cuticle oil is called Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil from OPI. It hydrates your nails and helps keep them soft and strong. It’s a little tube with a brush applicator, so it is super easy to use in bed.

Lip Balm

My lip balm is essential to my night routine. My lips are constantly dry and cracking, especially in the winter! The Sleeping Lip Mask from Langeige is everything! It helps restore and hydrate your lips, prepping for a perfect morning pout!


As most of you already know, I love books! Right now, I’m reading Michelle Obama’s “Becoming Michelle Obama” and I always leave it on my nightstand so i can read a bit before I go to bed. It’s a great way to shut down from electronics and unwind, even if it’s a few pages.


No room is complete without a candle or two. I absolutely love candles and of course my favorite candle, the Elcie Velvet Candle is always on my nightstand! Helps build the calming ambiance needed to boost your evening self-care routine.