My Favorite Market: The Farmers Market

For a couple months now, its been a weekly ritual to go to a local Farmers Market with my family and do our grocery shopping. Since eating healthier, we have been a little more careful of the types of foods we put in our body, most importantly, organic. Although we can purchase Organic foods from Whole Foods, Trader Joes and even Ralphs, the cost is just as much and the profit is going to a family grown farmers business. Being in the beauty business competing with sharks has always been a challenge for me and my brand; so I can only imagine and relate to these smaller local farms. And guess what? The produce is much more flavorful and absolutely delicious!


Kat is a very picky eater and doesn’t like exploring new foods; she won’t even try it. One day at the market, as I was buying some fruit, I turn around and found her devouring an plum - I couldn’t believe it! I asked her if she liked it, she said, “MHMM!” Then she grabbed an apricot, then a peach! I don’t know if they smelled better and attracted her or if she saw other people doing it, but were happy!


Besides the food tasting delicious, they also have a lot of fruits/vegetables that are really hard to find in stores: such as sea beans (natural sea plant which tastes like salt), wheatgrass, sprouts and so on. We’ve been exploring a lot more with the food we make in our house now, along with the juices & smoothies we make.

Most importantly, the trip we take to the Farmers Market once a week, creates a tradition for me and my little family. We spend time together, get our grocery shopping done & Kat gets to enjoy the slides, swings and little train they have set up each week. I go to a local one close to my house, but they’re all great! Research into the closest Farmers Market in your area and give it a shot! You will be hooked.