My New & Improved Body

Before my Kat was born over 3 years ago, I was working out with a trainer 2-3 times a week and eating as clean as I could possibly eat; I never looked & felt better. As most of you may already know, pregnancy gets you super tired and sleepy the first few months During the entire pregnancy, I was working really hard morning till night and I decided working out was just something that I did not have the time and energy for anymore. I was still eating good but stopped working out and after I had Kat, I got even busier with work and completely forgot about eating right. But let’s rewind a bit:

I have always been very skinny my entire life and I say this without bragging. Being super skinny has always been my biggest insecurity; I didn’t feel good about my body, I didn’t feel sexy and I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I started to despise food because I was eating not to enjoy the food but to fill myself with calories so I can put on some weight. After I gained weight with Kat (not much, only 29lbs), I didn’t lose all the weight immediately. I went and bought myself all these clothes/jeans that fit my current body, which was one size bigger. Lo-behold, a few months later, I was back down to my skinny self. In general, I don’t think about food unless Im starving because I am just so busy with my day. Now let’s fast forward:

When I found out I was pregnant, I started eating really healthy again, took my vitamins and stayed hydrated. I would still get tired & lazy but really took care myself internally. This was my motivation to this new and improved healthy lifestyle. Since my delivery of Olivia, I have been back to my old habits of eating right and working out. I am not with a trainer anymore because my schedule is all over the place with 2 kids, so I have signed myself up in several different classes.


Going to a regular gym is not an option for me now because there are some days I am just not motivated for that. With workout classes, whether you’re motivated that day or not, you’re there and you have to complete your one hour full force. I suggest trying different types of classes and seeing what you enjoy most! If you can dedicate just 2 days a week (only 2 hours of your WEEK), you will find motivation in the change in your body. But as you all already know, your eating habits are everything! Start slow & allow yourself some time to completely adjust your habits. I will soon share my eatings habits, stay tuned!